Get into an Ozone Sauna and feel the difference

Ozone Sauna

We are one among only a handful of medical spas in Canada that offer ozone sauna goodness. Visit our convenient location in the heart of Richmond Hill and Markham for a soothing and relaxing environment.



Nowadays, we live in heavily polluted environments and are surrounded by harmful toxins. 

Everyone and anyone can benefit from a detoxifying sauna session.

What is an Ozone Sauna?

The role of steam in health and beauty has been widely acknowledged and incorporated in Indian, Turkish, Finnish, and Roman cultures for thousands of years. The Ozone Sauna is an old fashion steam bath in a technologically-advanced chamber that infuses enriched oxygen through steam into the body. While steam helps in opening the skin’s pores, the controlled dose of enriched oxygen penetrates deep into your skin, blood system, fat tissues, and lymph nodes to help:

    • Boost energy
    • Clear skin
    • Detoxify the body
    • Relax body and mind
    • Accelerate circulation
    • Strengthen immune function

How does an Ozone Sauna work?

Ozone Sauna treatments are an old fashion steam bath that uses new technology that infuses enriched  oxygen through steam and hot air into the skin and body in a special cabin. Introducing enriched oxygen through the body will help boosts energy and will detoxifies the body deeply. Oxygen is absorbed through the open pores and transferred to the blood system, lymph and fat tissues. 

What can Ozone Sauna Therapy do for you?

Ozone sauna finds active usage in the prevention of

    • Stress, depression, anxiety
    • Low energy
    • Weight loss and muscle toning
    • Fungal, bacterial and viral infection!

It helps eliminate toxins, reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase quality of sleep. The overall effect is an increased quality of life.

Ozone Insufflation/
Bio-Oxidative Therapy

It involves the administration of controlled amounts of diluted enriched oxygen into or onto the body, for preventing diseases, and promoting overall health and beauty. There are three types of bio-oxidative therapy – Ear, Vaginal and Rectal. 

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