Ozone Sauna Therapy and Weight Loss

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How does Ozone Sauna Therapy & Weight Loss work?

Ozone Sauna therapy and weight loss continues to be used around the world to treat various health issues. Increasingly, ozone therapy has been used to help patients lose weight. In recent years, many diets have become increasingly popular weight loss methods. However, as much as they advertise success, short term diets are complicated and controversial. Doctors are often cautious to recommend these diets due to the difficulty of sticking to them in a consistent and nutritious way. Ozone therapy on the other hand is a healthy means for patients to lose weight that is also sustainable in the long term.

How does Ozone Sauna Therapy help us lose weight?

The ozone process is very straightforward: our body fat is essentially a combination of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules. Ozone therapy supplies extra oxygen to the body fat and breaks it down into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, which are eliminated by the body via the kidneys in urine. More importantly, ozone also breaks down the fat into carbon and oxygen molecules which the body then removes through sweat along with other toxins existing in our bodies. Your skin is the largest organ responsible for waste removal and when toxins are removed through sweat, your liver and kidneys are spared a great deal of work. 

How effective is Ozone Sauna Therapy for losing weight?

Ozone therapy introduces ozone to the body with a hot steam sauna. As the steam opens your pores, the ozone enters into the deeper layers of your skin and begins the process of purifying cells. A single 20-minute session burns between 400 to 600 calories. The ozone sauna increases your body temperature which boosts your body’s ability to burn calories. By increasing oxygen levels in your entire body and ridding it of harmful toxins, ozone therapy further improves your body’s ability to continue dissolving fat in the long term. Once toxins are removed from fat cells, your body is able to shed its fat and gradually lose excess weight.

Weight loss is just one of the various benefits associated with ozone sauna treatments. Oxygen is essential for our bodies to properly function. By increasing the body’s oxygen levels, the ozone sauna not only rids your body of toxins that could be harming your organs but also improves your overall health in a natural way.

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