Has your business been impacted negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic? How was your business doing before the pandemic? Did you lose lots of clients? Would you like your clients back to use your services? Here’s what worked for me and I want to share it with you! Wellness and beauty businesses can greatly benefit from our ozone saunas, also commonly referred to as a Hyperthermic Chamber. The service is easy, timeless and more importantly, safe and natural.

The Ozone Sauna Hyperthermic Chamber is a welcome addition for: beauty salons, spas, massage therapists, fitness facilities, leisure centers, physiotherapists, health centers, holistic clinics, naturopathic or homeopathic clinics, chiropractors, physiotherapists and many more. These businesses can profit greatly from adding a Hyperthermic Chamber to their list of services, especially during the pandemic. This is a great way to boost business traffic while increasing the exposure of your product and service offerings. 

Many clients had to return to work and kids are back at school. Many are anxious about the exposure to COVID-19. Protect yourself and your clients during this time with the best natural antiviral treatment on the market.


An ozone sauna is similar to a steam bath where the steam is enriched with ozone. Steam-based treatments have been used for centuries to soothe a variety of conditions from improving aching joints and muscles to relaxing the mind. The process is relaxing where you’re seated in a chamber while leaving your head exposed. This allows the client to breathe fresh air and eliminates any feelings of claustrophobia that may come with an ozone sauna treatment.

O3 Ozone Med Spa saunas are modern sleek design, easy to get in, have internally build in Ozone generator, plus the complete temperature, music and light set-up is on the panel in front of the client, so they can control their sauna experience their own way, they can enjoy the sauna session on their own, and there is no need for an extra equipment, space or extra person (or employee).

The benefits gained from an ozone sauna treatment vary from client to client. Some of the most common reasons our customers keep coming back is because we’ve helped them with their: 

Detoxification ~ Stress ~ Anxiety ~ Back pain ~ Acne ~ Aging pain ~ Fatigue ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Muscle Flexibility ~ Asthma ~ Headaches ~ Fungus ~ Viruses ~ and so much more!


Safety and sanitation in the Spa/Wellness businesses are essential for health, from preventing infection and improving employees and guest’s overall well-being. Hygiene protocols of serving the clients and sauna maintenance has to be of the highest standards.

  • The treatments should be scheduled by appointment and ONLY one on one sessions.
  • The sauna chamber has to be cleaned after every client. 
  • Any contact areas must be rigorously sanitized after each client.
  • Each client has to be provided with their own oxygen mask during the treatment for maximum benefit. 
  • The employees should wear gloves and cover their nose and mouth with a medical grade mask when greeting and placing the client in the chamber.
  • Ensure treatments have 20 – 30 minutes in between each service to allow adequate time for cleaning and sanitation. 
  • Hand sanitizers should be available at each chamber and contact point.




  • O3 Ozone Med Spa Sauna Packages can consist of a Steam Sauna Cabinet, UltraPure Output Ozone Generator and an Oxygen Generator as a choice of Oxygen Source so you can ‘make’ your own oxygen from distilled water (most convenient option).
  • They are fully assembled, easy to use, with outstanding instructions and tutorial, and full Customer Support should you have questions.
  • They can be assembled in any room, on any floor type (carpet, hardwood, laminate…). No water connection is needed – only a bottle of distilled water.
  • The system is quiet and will allow you to continue to offer other services during sauna treatments. 

We offer financing options for the businesses that prefer to go this route. Please see below for more information or call 416 990-9775. 

We'd love to help grow your business.