Deoxycholic Acid (Belkyra)

Deoxycholic Acid (Belkyra) gets rid of the under chin fat, without surgery! $500+ per session

You don’t need liposuction to reshape your saggy chin and neck — all it takes is a simple injection procedure.

Imagine getting rid of your double chin without having to get any incisions, stitches or scars! Belkyra is a revolutionary innovation in aesthetic medicine.

Essentially the treatment dissolves fat around the jawline, neck, and under the chin. It’s for those who are uncomfortable with a double chin or pouch of fat around the jaw. When injected below the chin, the compound breaks down the fat cells which the body then absorbs and excretes. It’s origins are from Europe.

This is a proven & safe procedure backed by Health Canada & the FDA.

What happens during the procedure?

Before the area is treated the therapist will run you through what’s expected.A comprehensive consultation process assesses suitability for the treatment. Chin sculpting is carried out with a series of injections and requires no incisions. During the treatment we apply a numbing agent to help avoid discomfort.

The injecting treatment zone is marked out accurately using the patient’s anatomical landmarks for guidance. Injection amount varies and is catered to the patient’s anatomy.

Between 20 to 40 injections is pretty standard. Although the area is numbed, the procedure can still be a little unpleasant. Once completed, the body then breaks down and metabolises the fat.


Expect the area to swell up quite a bit, as what you’re doing is essentially doing is triggering a defense mechanism within the body. Your neck, chin or that might look like a puffy frog for several days. Scarves and turtlenecks are your friend during this time.


Results will vary from client to client, but you should expect initial swelling and discomfort which can be treated with ice and simple over-the-counter pain medication.

The treatment itself takes 20 to 40 minutes. We review results with our clients on a weekly basis and then bi-weekly basis between treatments. The majority of clients will have visible results in two to four treatments.

Follow up treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart. At least two treatments are necessary and some client see great results after only two treatments.

This is a proven & safe procedure backed by Health Canada & the FDA. 

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