We are a modern and relaxing medical Spa in Richmond Hill, Ontario with a holistic European approach to health and beauty in a welcoming, clean, caring and knowledgeable environment. Our team of highly qualified professionals on a daily basis helps clients of all ages achieve healthy life, resiliency and beauty so they can reach longevity. Our clinic’s attention is always focused towards accelerating clients healing, advises on how to maximize the effects of treatments, ensuring rapid relief of pain and the proper restoration of client’s health. We want you to leave our spa feeling your absolute best. 

Founded in 2018 by Jelena Solujic, O3 Med Spa is a forward-thinking clinic dedicated to healing common medical conditions and promoting healthy lifestyles. Our treatments don’t just focus on your symptoms – they concentrate on the root of the problem. 

Meet the Team

Jelena Solujic


Jelena’s motto is that Purity is Her Priority. From the moment you walk in the door, her focus is on relaxation and healing. Her vast knowledge is always warmly shared with all of her customers. Fully trained and certified in most advanced technologies and treatments, her goal is to customize a personalized treatment plan to cater to each client’s needs while helping them look and feel their best. Jelena is dedicated to the highest level of care and service to her clients with a calm and relaxing approach. 

She is also a well known entrepreneur and Founding Member of IWB (Immigrant Women in Business) group. By working with women through most of her carrier, she has unique ability to understand their personal beauty and health needs.

Watch Jelena Solujic discuss Steam Sauna health benefits:

We Were Featured

We were recently honored to be featured in Go Solo. We deeply appreciate the recognition.

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Alena Basieva

Registered Nurse

Alena is a registered nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario, with over 15 years of hospital emergency room experience, and is highly specialized with extensive medical training in the art of cosmetic injectables, laser technologies, vitamin IV shots/drip therapy, PRP treatments, skin rejuvenation, and hair restoration.
Alena prides herself on delivering effective, yet natural-looking results. Those who have met and have been treated by Alena know how meticulous and passionate she is about giving her clients the best quality care possible.5

Jasna Krunic

Certified Biofeedback Practitioner, Life Coach & Energy Healer

Jasna’s mission statement is: From My Life Force to Your Life Force – Balance for a Healthier Happier Life. Jasna has a B.Sc in Psychology. She has broadened her expertise in psychotherapy by specializing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in Transcendental Analysis and she is a certified Silva Method and Dynamind Practitioner.
Jasna’s success not only comes from her inner drive to help people but also derives from an understanding of the stresses in the corporate and private world. Her observations and insights, garnered through her experience, especially with corporate work related stresses ranged from good to bad, and have all contributed to her capabilities to understand and help individuals under stress, help themselves. Jasna’s extensive experienced provides her with a unique skill set, to help clients understand and reduce the stresses on their minds and bodies, and fosters her proven ability to coach people toward establishing improvements in their quality of life.


Why Visit O3 Med Spa?

Elizabeth Kraler
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Went for an ozone sauna and PEMF mat treatment. Feel so much more clear headed and relaxed. Definitely going back for more treatments! The space is clean, open and bright, and the owner is very friendly. Highly recommend!
Michael K
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Jelena is such an amazing person with so much passion for health and how an Ozone Sauna can help. I was blown away at all her knowledge. We had a really good Couples Day Sunday. We started with the Ozone Sauna - which was really fun & relaxing. Everyone should try this at least once. Then we moved into the other room onto the PEMF mat. IMO the PEMF made you feel like floating on a cloud. The tension in my neck, back and legs relaxed completely. So we signed up to do the next 3 weekends again.The space is clean, open and bright, and the owner is very friendly. Highly recommend!
Jasna Krunic
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I can only say WOW! This was my first O3 experience and after the session, I felt like flowing on a cloud. Highly professional and knowledgeable staff, so pleasant and clean environment and effective treatment are making this Spa my recommended place. Thank you Jelena for a wonderful experience, I am coming back!
Stojan Solujic
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Great service, super clean and relaxing. Service is in detail explained in friendly and professional way. I felt great after every procedure and treatment. Warmly recommend all their services especially Ozone sauna therapy.

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