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O3 Ozone Sauna & Spais a medical spa service that applies the usage of an Ozone Sauna to safely heal various ailments in your body. Ozone Sauna Therapy works, and it’s becoming one of the most useful tools in medical spa clinics for various types of reasons across Canada, USA, and Europe.

What can Ozone Sauna Therapy do for you?

Are you new to Ozone Sauna Treatments? An Ozone Sauna uses steam as a relaxing agent that has immense effects on health and beauty. We’ve used steam for thousands of years from ancient Rome to Viking culture. An Ozone Sauna is an easy, pleasant and simple addition to the treatment for illnesses like asthma, diabetes or cancer through the detoxification and strengthening of the immune system. It will also increase your energy, decrease stress levels, detoxify, clear your skin and help you with weight loss.

How does Ozone Sauna Therapy work?

Introducing ozone through the skin via our sauna will flood your body with oxygen which boosts energy and detoxifies the body down to cellular level. Ozone Sauna treatments are a new sauna technology that infuses oxygen through steam and hot air into your skin and body in a special cabin. Oxygen is absorbed through your pores and transferred to your blood system, lymph and fat tissues. The Ozone Sauna detoxifies the lymphatic system, clears the skin, relaxes your muscles, accelerates blood flow and kills bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. 

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